Art Deco living with modern updates.


This classic corner residence, featured as an architectural example of the history of Los Angeles, gets lots of natural light.


Keeping you safe, secure, and looking good.


Kings Arms Properties offers clean, well-kept facilities with prompt and friendly maintenance professionals.



contemporary safeguarding

Extra-strength deadbolt locks, comprehensive outdoor lighting, emergency battery backup lights, and modern security cameras make 600 N Kings Road a safer place to be. 


fresh and clean

Two industrial-grade coin-operated high efficiency washer/dryers will keep you and your clothes looking good. Unlike most building, we provide a tiled clothes-folding table and a laundry soap shelf for your convenience.


Covered Parking

A rarity in west hollywood

Most of our units come with a covered parking spot - something highly prized in such a popular neighborhood as West Hollywood.

Front Garden

it's easy being green

Regularly manicured by our favorite gardening service, we maintain the beauty of our greenery while committed to water-saving practices.

The Heart of West Hollywood


One of the most progressive cities in the world, West Hollywood is a safe and welcome place for people of all lifestyles.


Melrose Avenue

The edge of fashion

Melrose is home to some of the most trendy and forward-thinking retail outlets of clothing, accessories, and personal goods. 

Beverly Center

A world-class shopping mall

The Beverly Center stands tall over West Hollywood as the premiere upscale shopping and dining experience. 


West Hollywood City Hall

the heart of the city

You're just steps away from the administration of the whole neighborhood. Need parking passes? No problem. 

Norm's Diner

retro dining at its best

The city designated this 50s diner a historical site.