The building so nice, they built it twice.


Twin residences joined by a green garden make 252 and 256 a unique and beautiful place to live.


We've got you covered.


Kings Arms Properties offers clean, well-kept facilities with prompt and friendly maintenance professionals.



it's easy being green

All apartments have a direct view of our beautiful flowers circling the lemon tree centerpiece in our expansive garden. Regularly manicured by our favorite gardening service, we maintain the beauty of our greenery while committed to water-saving practices.


fresh and clean

Two industrial-grade coin-operated high efficiency washer/dryers will keep you and your clothes looking good.



modern safeguards

Extra-strength deadbolt locks, comprehensive outdoor lighting, emergency battery backup lights, and modern security cameras make 252 and 256 a safer place to be. Beverly Hills emergency services are among the highest quality in the nation.


a highly prized address

Need to send me something? Address it to Beverly Hills, CA. The folks back home will brag about your exclusive neighborhood.

Living in Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills is one of the most famous neighborhoods on the planet - and you've got the whole downtown area at your fingertips! From upscale shopping to well-manicured communal areas, Beverly Hills can be as relaxing or exciting as you want it to be.


Rodeo Drive

walk among the stars

One of the most upscale and famous shopping districts in the world is within walking distance from your new home. Even people who have never been to Los Angeles have heard of it!

Laemmle Theater

sundance in your backyard

The hottest up and coming independent and international films are waiting for you just two blocks away. Don't forget the popcorn!


La Cienega Park

your personal backyard

From baseball diamonds to child's day care, this charming communal green space hosts free exercise equipment, walking track, and neighborhood movie nights.  for kids, exercise, day care, social communal space. Outdoor movies


get your coffee fix

You're just steps from your daily half mocha double whip nonfat iced venti half-soy decaf organic frappuccino. Rise and shine!